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Strawczyn commune is located in the central part of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship (20 km north-west of Kielce) and it encompasses the north-west part of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. It is one of the most attractive regions near Kielce, being a part of the Suchedniów-Oblegór Landscape Park.

Walking tourism

Route proposals: Kuźniaki - Huta Oblęgorska - Oblęgorek; length 12,5 km - red route (fragment of the Massalski Route, Kuźniaki-Gołoszyce) and black route (part from Barania Góra to Oblęgorek).

Bike tourism

Proposed route: Strawczyn - Kuźniaki - Hucisko - Niedźwiedź - Oblęgór - Oblęgorek - Bugaj - Chełmce - Promnik - Strawczyn; length: 36 km, red route. It runs from the northern side along the Suchedniów-Oblegór Landscape Park, from the south through the Strawczyn Valley. Most of the route runs along asphalt roads and the rest – along dirt and forest roads.

Nature tourism

  • Perzowa Mount Nature Reserve – Triassic limestone forms. The region was known for barite mines, thus one can see blocks of red limestone and grey quarzite limestone. On the Perzowa Mount itself there is a rock outcrop with St. Rosalia’s shrine.
  • On the Barania Góra - Oblęgorek route there you can see a mixed forest and picturesque deep loess gorges.


Henryk Sienkiewicz Palace in Oblęgorek

In Oblęgorek there is an estate called "Resztówka Sienkiewiczowska" and a palace, which was donated by the state to Henryk Sienkiewicz, the first Polish writer to hhave received to Noble Award.

The stone in memory of the birthplace of Stefan Żeromski in Strawczyn

Strawczyn is a birthplace of the greatest eulogist of the beauty of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Stefan Żeromski. Just by the road that leads through the village there is a red limestone obelisk memorizing the writer’s birth.


The greatest attraction of Strawczyn commune is OLIMPIC Centre in Strawczynek, which is one of the most modern sports centres in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship. It includes an indoor swimming pool, football stadium, athletics circuit, training pitches and a tennis court.

The swimming pool offers perfect conditions for active swimming training as well as for a family rest. The wide span of facilities includes:

- professional swimming pool – size 25 x 12.5 m, depth 1.30 – 1.80 m
- recreational pool with a „wild river”, water jets and hydro massage
- swimming pool for beginners – depth 1.2 m
- swimming pool for children
- 2 jaccuzi pools
- outdoor water slide
- sauna
Open: every day, 6.00 am - 10.00 pm.

There is also a fitness and a spinning room.

Centrum Sportowo - Rekreacyjne OLIMPIC
Strawczynek ul. Turystyczna 6
email: info@olimpicstrawczyn.pl
tel:(41) 333 57 97

MNIÓW commune


  • St. Stanisław the Bishop Church, built after 1655
  • Pyramid-shaped monument in the centre of Mniów. The glass pyramid contains the so-called Devil’s Stone from about 3-4 thousand years ago with two figures resembling Kokopelli deity known from the Hopi Indian mythology. It is the only monument of such sort ever found in Poland
  • The building of the former post office from the 17th century, remodeled in the 19th century on Kielecka street
  • Parish cemetery with the graves of Nazi victims on Gajowa street
  • The monument by Kamieniec street raised in memory of the defeat of the bunker of National Army division „Brzezina”.
  • The cemetery of the victims of pacification of 1943 in Mniów-Raszówka.
  • The monument in memory of the victims of the terror in 1943 in Mniów-Pogłodów.


Palace of the Kraków Bishops

Lokalizacja: Plac Zamkowy 1, 25-010 Kielce
Contact: tel. 041-344-40-14

Palace of the Kraków Bishops – Divsion of the National Museum in Kielce

Lokalizacja: Plac Zamkowy 1, 25-010 Kielce
Contact: tel. 41 344 23 18

Kielce Historical Museum

Lokalizacja: ul. Św. Leonarda 4, 25-303 Kielce
Contact: tel. 41 340 55 20

Museum of Stefan Żeromski School Years - Divsion of the National Museum in Kielce

Lokalizacja: ul. Jana Pawła II 5, 25-013 Kielce
Contact: tel. 41 344 57 92

Museum of the Kielce Village

Lokalizacja: ul. Jana Pawła II 6, 25-025 Kielce
Contact: tel. 41 344 92 97

The Museum of Toys and Play

Lokalizacja: Pl. Wolności 2, 25-367 Kielce
Contact: tel. 41 344 40 78

Museum of Geological Exhibits
(Division of National Geological Institute)

Lokalizacja: ul. Zgoda 21, 25-953 Kielce
Contact: tel. 41 361 25 37

Diocese Museum in Kielce

Lokalizacja: ul. Jana Pawła II 3, 25-013 Kielce
Contact: tel. 41 344 58 20

National Museum and Culture Dialogue Museum

Lokalizacja: ul. Rynek 3, 25-303 Kielce
Contact: tel. 41 344 60 96


Bałtów Tourist Complex began with the launch of the first dinosaur park in Poland called Jura Park, which was open soon after finding the geological traces of dinosaurs in Bałtów. The first trace was found in 2001 while exploring a folk legend around a stone with w large animal footprint believed to be a devil’s footprint, which turned out to be a trace of an allosaurus. In the same year the traces of two other Jurassic dinosaurs were found, thus helping the place become a tourist attraction. Two local associations came up with an idea to build a park with the reconstructions of dinosaurs. Around the park there have been made other tourist investments. At present the complex stretches on 60 hectares of land and is the greatest entertainment facility in Poland.


The palace was a residence of the reachest magnate families in Poland of the 17ths century - the Tarłos. It was meant to be a copy of the Krakow Bishops Palace in Kielce. Designed by an Italian baroque architect Thomas Poncino. The building works cost the family about 30 villages from their estate. The family owned the palace until 1842, when it was bought by another owner. In 1860 it was destroyed in a fire. Today the palace remains a ruin.


The Paradise Cave is one of the most beautiful karst caves in Poland. It is reach in calcite flowstone form and stalactites in world unique density. It is recognized a nature reserve and a geological site. It can be easily seen without any special equipment as it is lit and adjusted for group sightseeing. The corridors were created by nature during the Devonian. Next to the cave there is the First Neanderthal Centre.

Booking: +48 41 346 55 18

Paradise Cave is located 10 km away from Kielce, on the route to Cracow.

Pierwsze Centrum Neandertalczyka zlokalizowane jest w kopule sferycznej przy parkingu Jaskini Raj.

N 50 ° 49 '22.404'' E 20 ° 30' 12.132 "