Regulations Patients


General conditions

1. On arrival the Patient is required to fill in the Patient Card, describe the current health condition and show the medical documentation.

2. The Patient should arrive at the treatment session 10 minutes before the designated time of treatment.

3. The Patient should have separate footwear and comfortable clothes.

4. The treatment sessions begin punctually. Arriving late will automatically shorten the planned duration of treatment.

5. The hours of the special treatments are arranged at the reception.

6. Patients under the influence of alcohol, drugs, with a contagious disease, open injuries, skin changes or with a fever are not allowed for the treatment.

7. The Patient is asked to switch off or silence the mobile phone during the treatment and consultations.

8. For the treatment session in the swimming pool the Patient should bring the towel and wearing proper clothes.

9. The Centre may not be held responsible for the belongings left in the changing room or anywhere in the building and outside it.

Cancelling the treatment

1. In justified or circumstances or in a chance event, after negotiating with the reception, the Patient may cancel or change the time of the treatment, if they inform the reception 24 hours before the planned treatment.

2. If the Patient fails to follow the above, they miss the planned treatment or covers 50% of the cost of the treatment or consultation.

3. W przypadkach losowych trudnych do przewidzenia, istnieje możliwość odwołania terminu zabiegu i przełożenia go na inny termin, po uzgodnieniu z recepcją.


1. Payments for the treatments/consultations are specified on the price list.

2. The payment should be issued before the treatment.

3. The Patient receives the proof of payment.

4. The invoice can be issued on demand within 7 days from the date of payment.

Patient’s duties

1. The Patient is required to read the Rules of the Centre

2. 2. The Patient is obliged to keep an order nad cleanliness at the Centre’s premises and to respect the possessions belonging to the Centre.

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